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» Saturday, November 21, 2009
Limping Along
Needless to say, we had a slow day. James called the advice nurse at Kaiser, who called back just as we were getting dressed to go out. Looks like we did everything right, except she said not to use peroxide to clean the wounds. Just water and soap is fine. She made a follow-up appointment with the doctor for him on Monday. His right middle finger looks a little swollen.

So we went to the hobby shop for a while, then stopped at Publix for some groceries and a bite to eat. James rode the little cart.

Came home for a few hours, then we were off again to Jerry and Sue's for a game night. We got lost on the way there and arrived late. We knew someone that lived out in that direction previously and we confused the old directions with their directions. Nice crowd, good supper, played Cranium and Imaginiff. Everyone keeps their house too warm for me, though! LOL. I'm used to 64-67.

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