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» Sunday, November 22, 2009
Life's What Happens...The November 2009 Edition
Looks like James may have broken one of his fingers. He doesn't think he did it in the fall, but yesterday when he was getting out of his chair. He twisted his hand around, it hurt and then subsided, and we didn't think any more about it.

This morning we got up. Needed groceries and he said he didn't want to stay home, so we went to both Costco and Kroger; he took the little electric cart both times. But we noticed the middle finger on his right hand was very swollen and red.

So when we got home we put ice on it and it is looking better, although with a nasty bruise mark. So it's a good thing the advice nurse made the doctor's appointment.

We did have a nice time at Costco; we always make a joke about "having lunch at Costco," but they did have some nice samples: one quarter of a veggie burger, lobster spread on crackers, cranberry goat cheese on crackers, pesto and cheese on crackers, four-cheese ravioli, salsa and chips, crab cakes, buffalo tenders (the last two were peppered, James had mine and I ate the lobster spread as he doesn't like it), Ferraro Roche chocolates, a fingernail-size crumb of fudge, tiramisu...I've forgotten something, I know! Picked up a Christmas book by Wally Lamb and a copy of Up.

So we came home and put ice on James' finger and sat in almost the dark and watched Up. We had not seen it in the theatre. It's truly delightful...although this really isn't for kids. Not that it's violent, but despite the cute kid, the "talking" dogs, and the "dogfight," it's not really about childish themes. It's about dreams, and losing them, and trying to fulfill them when you should be forming new dreams. I sniffled through a lot of it. The little boy, Russell, is also very affecting. They are very subtle in conveying that his father's attention has been diverted away from him rather than bludgeoning you with the fact. And of course Dug the golden retriever is sweet and funny. Yep, Dug, when you defeat the alpha you become the alpha!

Anyway, suppertime...

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