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» Sunday, November 01, 2009
Fall Spirit
The cool air last night and my own natural defenses apparently revived me.

I had a busy morning, running a couple of errands and then going to Kroger, where I forgot the milk and the dishwasher detergent. Gah. I stopped at Aldi and got milk (it's $1.49/gallon there), but the detergent will have to wait.

This afternoon I spent fixing up James' kilt for the neighborhood gathering tonight; I trimmed the hem and put the snaps on it. Eventually I ended up watching the last three hours of Cranford, which James would have hated, but I found quite nice to watch. It's a drama about an English village in the 1840s just before the railway age.

In a few minutes I'm about to go outside dressed like a tree. Well, I look like a tree, anyway. LOL.

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