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» Sunday, November 01, 2009
An Evening Out
We had a little neighborhood get-together tonight, down in the cul-de-sac, in front of a house that's for sale. The homeowner's committee rented two bounce houses for the kids and they had a good time, and bought some shredded beef and chicken. Buns and potato salad and chips were contributed. We brought pumpkin-apple bread (pumpkin bread with chopped up Granny Smith apples in it), two of the three loaves James made. It all disappeared. Susan's little girl must have had three or four pieces!

We were the only ones who came in costume. I draped myself with two fall garlands, put a crown of another fall garland on, fastened a fall pick to either wrist, and made a "wand" from small branches and came as "the Spirit of Fall" or whatever. James wore the pirate shirt he bought a couple of weeks ago with his kilt and a sash made of the same material, fastened with my Celtic brooch because he couldn't find his. I wanted to dress Willow up some way, but we had nothing. I finally found the lining that had been in our Christmas basket, red velveteen with a border of gold holly leaves. It had ties at either end, so I fastened it around her neck and around her tail. Everyone thought she was supposed to be a princess with a cloak.

She behaved pretty well, except for trying to scrounge food from everyone, especially the kids, who were carrying food near her level. I fed her bits of shred barbecue in buns, and she got a couple of leftover bits of pumpkin bread, too. When we got home, she sacked out on the floor. Poor tuckered out puppy from all that  schmoozing for food  socializing. LOL.