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» Monday, November 23, 2009
Doctor, Doctor
Gah. I hope I'm not going to spend my whole week off wanting to sleep late!

In this case, the sleep was good for James. His finger looks 200 percent better than it did yesterday, although it is still swollen. While he rested his leg, I washed the towels and cleaned some of the master bath, including washing the floor, then loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed some oversized pans in the sink.

The doctor's appointment was soooooo long. It took nearly three hours. I signed all my holiday cards as well as read a fourth of a new book. James finished a modeling magazine, including the ads. Most of the time was wasted waiting. We still don't know if his finger was broken. He went to X-ray, and they told us to go back upstairs, and then when we got there they told us we didn't need to stay. So...I guess that means it wasn't? Anyway, the doctor was concerned enough about the scrape under James' knee that he gave him a week's worth of antibiotics. We're to quit treating it with Neosporin and a bandage when it stops "weeping." It really does look like a burn.

But...James got his prescriptions refilled, so it means he doesn't have to take another day off to do that.

Rather bittersweet House tonight, and a circuitous Castle in which Alexis proved herself, as they said in the old days, a "trump."

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