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» Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Not sure what's wrong with my knees, but they've been giving me grief at night. Have to turn over in bed because they're hurting, and that wakes me, which explains why it's so hard to struggle out of bed in the morning. Once I get up, it's other problems.

Despite feeling icky, I drove down to the Garden Ridge near Six Flags. No luck on candoliers. All they have are battery-operated ones. Boy, what I wouldn't give for a time warp and a Woolworths! Spent too much time stuck in their restroom. Luckily I had my PDA with me and could read.

Decided to take a spin out to Arbor Place Mall. After enduring the long left turn on route 5, finally made it to the mall. Wandered the Borders for a few minutes, then walked to the other end of the mall to go to the Bed, Bath & Beyond. I found a new Christmas-themed runner for the table. I ruined the old one by washing it in warm water (the color ran) and it was a brocade design that was always too heavy for the table. This one is poinsettias and holly on light ivory fabric with cutwork design, like the fall one that I have.

I usually don't eat out, especially at mall food courts. You usually get big portions, or they have stuff I don't want. But when I went upstairs, I found a Chinese "buffet" that sold food by the pound. I dismissed the carbs like fried rice and lo mein, and the spicy or "coated" food like sesame chicken, and decided on a little bourbon chicken and teriyaki chicken. Just in case the bourbon chicken was peppered—some places make it hot, some places not—I got more teriyaki chicken, about 8 ounces total.

I didn't eat much of it. All of it was peppered. Ugh. I don't get the pepper obsession. How can you taste anything else with your mouth burning? The moment my tongue started to sting I completely lost my appetite.

Came home by Big Lots. The folks on my Christmas group find such good things in the DVD/CD area, like older movies for two or three dollars. All I could find were old karate films or Sex and the City, and no Christmas music at all. I remember going to Big Lots in the past and finding great CDs and cassettes, like "The Waltons Christmas Album" and music from Germany. Ah, well.

James' knee was well enough tonight for him to replace the battery in the smoke alarm in the garage. It's been beeping for days. I'd meant to wait until he was healed a bit more, but this afternoon Schuyler started imitating the low-battery beep. I think it's been beeping long enough, y'know? LOL.

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