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» Monday, November 02, 2009
Daylight Hours
It's so nice to be driving to work in daylight again, although it was cloudy and not as much daylight as I expected. The clouds at least keep the sun from being in my eyes. James said last night that the only good thing about DST was not driving to and from work with the sun in your eyes. Heck, no matter which way I drive home at night the sun is in my eyes. Atlanta is the only place I know where you can drive south and then north home after work and still have the sun in your eyes despite the fact that it actually sets in the west! :-)

The trees here are blooming with color. It helps to see them with a five-day gap between viewings—it's like magic! On Flowers Drive there is a wonderful scarlet tree to the right before you cross the bridge, and a little knot of trees just after the bridge are a nice assortment of color. There's one maple tree in front of the Williams Building that is turning orange slowly, from top to bottom, like a 1930s film star shedding a dressing gown to reveal a brilliant frock underneath.

In the meantime, ICE appears to be coming out of Molasses-in-January-in-Barrow-Alaska mode. The SQL server just failed...again. Later.

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