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» Monday, November 16, 2009
Day Off
Slept as late as we felt we could. Still tired. Funny, didn't feel this tired when we were having fun. <wry grin>

Breakfast. BJs. Checked out the new Droid. Cool. Kroger. finally more milk. Checked on the progress on the Ditch. Lunch.

We went to Garden Ridge to check out the possibility that they had electric candoliers. One of our five-light candoliers has a socket that doesn't seem to work any longer. I saw some at the Christmas Tree Hill shop, but they were fancy ones with a "brass" base and almost $20. Last year Garden Ridge had them, but we didn't find any today. James did spot a Christmas gift, and also a Charlie Brown tree: yes, a dumpy-looking pine with a crossed "wooden" base and one red ball! I was wandering in the middle of the store and it looked like a discount store, with clothing on tables like at the old mill outlets of my youth, and books on pallets.

Also stopped at the hobby shop to bend Rusty's ear about our trip. :-) They went to a historical gathering (Historic Timeline?) this weekend that sounded fascinating.

Had leftover barbecue for supper. Found World War II in HD running on the History Channel for the next couple of days, but can't find parts 1, 4, 7 and 10. All the other parts are repeated multiple times. Are there no parts 1, 4, 7 and 10?

House is getting downright depressing. Funny that we had a story talking about overprotecting children from germs when we were discussing this same thing last week at Valley Forge! Things keep reminding me of vacation. There was an article in yesterday's paper about Amish romance novels, and it reminded me of last week. There are so many reminders in the guidebooks about not harassing Amish folks or asking them for photos; that they are just going about their lives, not tourist attractions. I noticed at Borders that novels about the Amish seem to be on the rise. Maybe it's because on a visceral level, we envy them. Oh, we don't want to give up our electronics or work the farm, but we admire their lives. They work hard and at the end of the day feel like they've accomplished something for themselves or their family or their faith. Not like most of us, cogs in big machines, feeling like we could just be replaced by other cogs and no one would notice.

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