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» Sunday, November 29, 2009
At Last, Sleep! and Other Stories
I slept late! Or actually a whole eight hours. A first in over two weeks. Of course! I'm going back to work tomorrow.

I think I mentioned we had two different turkey carcasses given to us on Thanksgiving. James attacked those this morning. One was efficiently picked clean, but one had enough meat left on it that we can use it for supper tomorrow night. Mmmn. If there's something better than turkey, it's turkey leftovers.

Well, when we went rooting around in the fridge, we found the last container of last Christmas' turkey soup! So we took that out to thaw for supper tonight while we filled the stockpot with water, the turkey bones, celery, carrots, and sprinkles of basil, parsley, marjoram, and savory, and a little salt. Once it came to a boil, we left it to simmer and went out in search of an inspection station that was open. Both the cars are due to have their registrations renewed on my birthday, so we need emissions inspections posthaste. We had planned to get them last weekend before James' misstep cost us the two days. I can get mine during lunch later in the week.

We found the "Mr. Clean" carwash and oil change center (formerly Carnett's) open and got the truck inspected. Also walked around BJs, having needed some things and having coupons for stuff we use that expire tomorrow, and sampled the wares: more samples than usual quiches, roll-ups, turkey meat, Belgian chocolates, cheeses, salmon cakes, and roast chicken.

From there it was home so James could rest his leg and we could supervise the soup. It was already wafting the heavenly scent of turkey throughout the house.

I immediately changed clothing, grabbed boxes out of the closet downstairs, and took down the Thanksgiving decorations. The house is rather in transition now, Christmas decorations in the windows and on the doors and autumn still in evidence everywhere else. I've got Apple Annie next Friday, but I also hope to get some more decorating done.

More about First Sunday of Advent decorating in Holiday Harbour.

Had the turkey soup with rice and crackers and watched a new America's Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget as the guest star for a Saget retrospective, followed by Extreme Makeover Home Edition with the gang creating a home for a little boy (who has leukemia) and his family. James spent most of that hour fishing the bones out of the turkey soup, straining the soup, and distributing the meat in each container. We got six quarts of turkey soup, so many we didn't have enough room in the freezer, so we have one out to have turkey soup later in the week.

There's even enough broth left over for James to use to make turkey gravy for the turkey leftovers tomorrow. Cool.

We're now watching the series finale of Stormchasers. I think these guys are full-goose bozo crazy. If I ever see a tornado, I'm hightailing it in the opposite direction, thanks! Anyway, we are being amused by the new version of Discovery's "The World is Just Awesome" commercial. I think what they're showing is an altered version of the original, because some of the scenes are different. I have to laugh at the Mythbusters clip, because, in the original, Adam sets Jamie's sleeve afire. In the new one, Jamie is returning the favor—with interest!

Oh! James bought Willow a new dog bed (really a throw that we have folded in half). He just put it down. She sniffed at it, patted it with her paw, and curled up on it, happy as the proverbial clam.

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