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» Thursday, November 05, 2009
All Quiet on the Southern Front
If it's been quiet here, it's because nothing much is going on. Just been working on orders. Had two nice walks this week, the nicer of the two this morning, because it was chilly and the word "fall" was being vividly illustrated: it was quite breezy and each shake of the trees sent leaves wafting and swirling everywhere. The fall banner on the porch billowed and rattled each time the wind rose.

Gave Schuyler's cage a fall cleaning. Took down the Hallowe'en decorations during yesterday's lunch and put the fall stuff back up...after Veteran's Day I will put the Thanksgiving things up. There are only 21 days left!

And only 50 days until Christmas!

Oh, I do have to mention something that happened Tuesday. I came in through the front door, for whatever reason I can't remember, and in the big trees in the rear of the complex there was a big flock of birds roosting—you could hear them all shrilling at once, as if they were telling each other about their day. Every few seconds five or six more birds would fly in from the south to join them. Looked like the blackbirds I had observed a week or two ago. I called James downstairs to listen to the racket. Suddenly, as if on a signal, the entire flock rose from the trees and headed north. It was a huge flock, James estimated several hundred. Their cries grew fainter and fainter and then vanished. Wow!

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