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» Thursday, November 26, 2009
After the Feast
Thanksgiving got off to a good start: I found a newspaper at the first place I went, Food Depot. I also got some whipped cream to go along with the Indian pudding.

However, the Indian pudding we'd made looked like such a small amount we made some more; we just cooked it on high in the crock pot instead of at low. Should have left it at one—there weren't many takers. Of course the desserts were neglected anyway, as there was so much yummy food! Alex and Pat roasted a turkey and got a fried one as well, and Ron and Lin brought roast beef. There were also stuffing, cranberry relish, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, James' corn casserole, noodle kugel, stuffed cabbage leaves, and sweet potato souffle—and great conversation, too.

Alex gave us the carcass of the turkey and we had gotten a call from Juanita earlier that she had one for us, too, so we dropped by her house to pick it up when we were on our way home. Gosh, she had Christmas lights on already, outside and in, and almost all her villages the dining room on top of the bookcases, on the divider between the kitchen and the breakfast nook, on the table in the living room, and on brand new revolving tier shelves! I remember her original collection; she has about four times more now. The tree was up, too!

A funny—I called her right before we arrived, then shoved the phone back on my belt. When we went into the house, I realized I didn't have my phone. James called me in the house and in the driveway, but we didn't hear the phone ring. Then I opened the truck door and I could hear my phone ring. It was clipped onto the seat belt!

So we came home to relax. I am keeping a wary eye on Schuyler. She's having the same problem she had when we went to Owensboro, kicking at her behind. I deduced there that she had not drunk water all the way there and was probably...well, constipated. So I gave her first an apple and then an orange this morning, but she's still doing it. I put an extra dish of water in her cage and hope it will help. I hope I don't have to take her to the vet; she hates it so. She doesn't act sick: she's been playing tonight, and just sitting grinding her beak (which means she's contented), and cleaning her beak and preening. But doing the kicking thing, and not eliminating a lot, and squeaking when she does.

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