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» Thursday, October 29, 2009
A Warm Interlude
Spent the day working and trying to keep the house cool. It didn't get that warm, but 75°F is a bit high for late October! Someone sent me a massive slideshow of the big snowstorm in Colorado; lots of photos of Hallowe'en decorations peeping from the snow.

I had a rush order which I managed to get done, but didn't get a confirming quote early enough to work on another one. The rush order took me almost two hours to finish because the system kept hiccuping. Urrgh. Wretched Microslop-based piece of junk.

I started work early this morning again, ate breakfast and then took my walk. This is better because by the time I do so, at least it's light. I can't wait until next week when we are back on real time again and it will be light in the morning when we need it. This isn't Leave It to Beaver land anymore: everyone rising at seven-thirty so the kids and dad can have a hearty breakfast before dad has his 20-minute drive to work and the kids their 20-minute walk to school to start at nine o'clock. A lot of the people I work with, especially the women, get up at four and five in the morning to be able to get the kids up and take them to daycare/before-school activities and beat traffic in 30-minute plus commutes, arriving at work at seven. These days we don't need light late, we need it early.

My one question: where is that guy from TruGreen? I have received calls three weeks in a row saying, "We'll be out [name of day] to aereate and reseed your fescue." This week it was supposed to be Wednesday. Still haven't seen hide nor hair of him.

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