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» Thursday, October 22, 2009
Walk with Caw-tion
I did something different today. Usually I get up, dress, and walk. It's still dawn and partially dark, and there are several cars and kids at the corner waiting for the schoolbus, which means I have to thread through them.

This morning I logged on to work early, read my e-mail and noted some problems I needed to take care of, then took the walk. By then the sun had risen some. It was a lovely sunrise, partly cloudy with blue sky peeping out, with grey billowy and shreddy clouds to the south and a rank and file of mackerel clouds moving in from the north, forerunners of the rain due tomorrow. The mackerel clouds were outlined in orange and tinted a dark mauve, and what I could see of the eastern sky had a bright orange-almost yellow tint.

As I walked a flock of dark birds, sixty or so, burst from the trees and wheeled and maneuvered above. What a camera shot that would have been! I'm not sure if they were starlings or blackbirds. About a half dozen crows added their caws to their cries, and I followed the flock until they disappeared over the trailer park.

From across the street one tree was alive with bird voices. As I approached the main street, suddenly this second flock (about the same number, around fifty or sixty birds) launched themselves from a tree fronting the apartment complex. Looked like more blackbirds or starlings. The crows cried along with them. This flock headed down our street, pausing briefly at a tree where about half of them lighted while the rest of the flock went on and the laggards hurried to catch up with them. These disappeared going south, leaving the crows to caw derisively in their wake.

It was a swell walk. :-)

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