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» Thursday, October 08, 2009
Unidentified Flying Object
I just took Willow out a few minutes ago, and since the sun is glaring again, was wearing my "straw" hat. As I was crossing the driveway, I was dive bombed by a bird, who then went fluttering in front of Susan and Josh's house next door, then landed on the railing for their porch for about a minute. It then flew to the top of our gate and went in the back yard. It landed on the railing of the deck at least once.

I looked in the bird book and couldn't find exactly what I saw. It had a dark grey head top and wings, but the underside of its head and its belly were a lighter color. It had a short grey tail. The closest I saw in the bird book was an Eastern kingbird, but it didn't exactly match the description. The book says the light underside is white, but to me it looked a pale buff color. I also didn't see the "distinctive" white edge to the tail. It does say the Eastern kingbird will attack birds larger than itself and is thought of as having an "attitude," so perhaps it was one, thinking my hat was a threat.