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» Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Today's Forecast
First Witch: "Rain!"

Second Witch: "Rain!"

Third Witch: "Rain!"

Yes, it rained all day. Light rain, heavy rain, drizzle and back. Grey, silver, ash-color, charcoal sky. Damp, dreary chill.

And all that.

One nice thing about the rain is that the color of the brighter trees "pop" against the grey. The trees seem to change each day now. I don't even need to go far afield to find beautiful ones; there are several stunning maples nearby.

Arrived home after an eighty-minute ride (at least half of it devoted to the eight miles between Peachtree Industrial Road and the Northside Drive exit; everything else was easy, even Spring Road, which is usually a tailgater's horror when it rains) to find James almost finished making pork chops and baked sweet potatoes. Yum! I had a "big" pile of books waiting. Once was the last of the "About Time" Doctor Who books that I had finally ordered. I kept checking the old edition waiting for the second edition, until last week, when it occurred to me that, duh, it would have a new ISBN and thus have a totally new listing. It actually came out in July. I also got a small Christmas book to review from Amazon Vine. I'm caught up on my reviews so I can wait a bit closer to Christmas to read it.

I also received the books I ordered from Hamilton Books [remainder book outlet]. One is Christmas at the Home Front. I have several World War II homefront books, but this one is different as it is the British homefront. Nice hardback with heavy paper and all sorts of reproduced posters and adverts. The other book, I can't talk about it. I bought a duplicate as a gift, so I can't mention it lest the surprise be spoiled. But let's say the person it's for should love the first part of the book especially!

I noticed searching around yet again that Ideals did not seem to publish a Thanksgiving edition this year. They do have a Christmas issue. Odd.

Watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown followed by You're Elected, Charlie Brown. Now I remember why I disliked the later Peanuts specials: somewhat contrived and a lot of Snoopy gags. None of the simplicity of the strip or of the earliest specials.

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