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» Monday, October 26, 2009
Things on the Internet Live Forever
I just had the most unusual telephone call. A person was inquiring about an information technology procurement that was out there, but that she had attempted to call the contact listed and they were not at CDC. Then she named the person, and I was so flabbergasted that I bumbled my way through a few intelligent-sounding responses until I got my wits about me. The person she wanted to contact was someone I had done support for years ago who is now retired, and the RFP she was trying to track down was nine years old! I explained to her that it was an old requirement and answered a few more questions for her, then when the call was over did a search on that retired person's name. Sure enough, three pages of results came up on Google, half of them having to do with this RFP, including one site where the dates of the requirement were never mentioned, like it was something brand new! Wow.