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» Saturday, October 24, 2009
Temporarily South North Again
James was finished up just as I was finishing the last entry, so we walked leisurely back to the car. Checked out a small used bookstore on Russell Parkway and was very surprised by their collection of children's and young adult books. Fully one fourth of the store was of those books, including one big bookcase of vintage series books, from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys all the way back to Dick Prescott and the Horatio Alger books. They even had a partial set of the original Junior Classics from 1912!

We also stopped at Books-a-Million on the way out of town, where I was delighted to find the Christmas issue of "Victorian Homes." They had been talking about it on my Christmas list and I was dying to see it. I also found the September "Country Extra" with a nice collection of autumn photos.

We stopped at the Red Lobster in Macon for supper, since they are still doing "endless shrimp." Two helpings of teriyaki on a stick, some shrimp scampi, and a small dish of popcorn shrimp was enough "endless" for me. I barely ate any of the mashed potato; James brought it home for lunches.

We emerged from the Red Lobster to the song of a mockingbird being belted out. As we walked back to the truck it was evident he was close by; he sure was! in the little mulberry tree directly in front of the truck. He was on one of the top branches and didn't turn a hair as we walked up, got in the truck and backed out, just kept singing his lovely song.

The rest of the ride was in the dark, and it was getting chilly on the way home; I had to put my jacket back on. It really was a nice day to go out there, sunny with high light clouds, most of them cirrus, warm, but with a nice breeze from the west that kept it from getting hot. It was overcast on the way out, so that once the sun actually set, there was a beautiful sunset effect: the dark mauve/grey clouds forming a "cap," and around the edges between the cloud and horizon a band of intense orange-scarlet.

The only problem we had today was that we forgot the second battery for the camera and it turned out the one already in it was only half charged, so we didn't get too many photos. Ah, well.

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