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» Friday, October 16, 2009
Temperature's Falling
Wow...the temperature's dropping like a rock. It's already 54°F, after being 60 last night when we went to bed, and about 57 when I got up at nine. It's what I think of as being "perfect" weather, cloudy, mid-fifties, with a breeze. Well, there sure was a breeze when I set out...a stiff wind from the north!

Went up to the Barnes & Noble at Bells Ferry. Found the new "Shop Smart" and also an issue of "BBC History" with articles about the 70th anniversary of the beginning of World War II. Also indulged myself with a mystery I have not been able to find at Borders (World War II set: The War Against Miss Winter.) Saw a steampunk book I want to get at Borders: Boneshaker.

From there I went to Michaels and got something for a craft project, and also found the cutest little country lantern to go with my woodland Christmas tree setup, and then stopped at JoAnn. You could use a coupon on the magazines again because they weren't on sale, so I got the new "Cross-Stitch Crazy" with a lovely "Delft" winter scene and also cute little Christmas designs.

On the way home I stopped at Batteries Plus and picked up the new battery for my netbook which I ordered last Saturday. After our ill-fated trip to Gatlinburg during the heatwave in June, I tucked the netbook away and didn't use it again until last weekend, whereupon I found out the battery was dead. My bad. Since the difference between a 2-hour battery and a 4-hour battery was $20, I bought the four.

Since WalMart was on the way home, I stopped for yogurt, bananas, and milk, and found more of those lovely Lean Cuisine Pasta Romano With Bacon dinners. (Had one for lunch.) Bought some canned pumpkin, too; heard there was a bad crop this year and there may be a shortage of pumpkin? Dunno. Canned pumpkin's good for lots of things. Oh, and those little single-serving Edy's Slow-Churned cups? They come in coffee, too. [evil grin]

When I got home it was chilly enough for me to set the thermostat to automatic and sure enough, the heat came on! (This one has an automatic switch from cool to heat.) I only left it on about two or three minutes because some of the windows are open; I like to turn the heat on first thing in the season with the windows open (or cracked, at least) because of that stale smell that comes out of the vents first time the heat comes on. Rather have the air circulating for Schuyler's sake.

Now I'm watching backlogged Ellen shows.

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