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» Sunday, October 11, 2009
Shopping in the Oddest Places
It's been a lazy day. We slept late, went to Borders where I picked up Foundation (Lackey's, not Asimov's) and also contributed a book to the elementary school that was flooded out a couple of weeks ago. (I picked Black Beauty.) James got another Steve Sterling book. We also stopped for mushrooms and a few other things at BJs, and went to Kroger.

Oh, and we did some Christmas shopping at Publix.

Make of that what you will. LOL.

Back watching Bullshit! after Clark Howard, yesterday's episode of Jeopardy, and the episode on ammunition on Lock'n'Load With R. Lee Ermey. Quite a history lesson on projectiles in this one; I've never really understood how a flintlock worked until I saw their diagram.

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