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» Saturday, October 17, 2009
Rude Surprises
We got to trivia tonight only to be met with unexpected news: the restaurant it's held in is closing tomorrow! Apparently their idiot landlord jacked up the rent and would rather have no money coming in than an inflated rent!

Anyway, the company was great—Mel and Phyllis were back from visiting their granddaughter and Jake and Nancy also were there—but the place was hellishly noisy, with the stupid football game sound turned up loud, which means, of course, that the commercials WERE EVEN LOUDER, and the heat was up too high for the crowd that was there. I was getting downright claustrophobic.

The clouds are finally starting to clear, which means it's going to be even chillier tonight. It's already 42.

Incidentally, we stopped at Publix on the way home from the hobby shop...yay, more oatmeal on twofers. Anyway, you'll never guess what I found there, and for a good price, too: fuzzy ankle-high slippers! I needed a new pair; I washed the old ones and the padding wadded up. I bought two pair, black and blue. Just in time for the cold spell.

I hope cold this early doesn't mean it's going to be 75 at Thanksgiving. Ugh.

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