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» Monday, October 12, 2009
Rainy  Night  Day in Georgia
It was no holiday for James, so he went off to work in the dark. I got up two hours later—still pretty much in the dark. It was a gloomy day, rain drumming on the deck and chimney-top, the occasional rattle of the banner outside. I had breakfast, harvested crops in FarmVille, worked on a craft project, and kept an eye on radar. The weather radio had already gone off several times with severe thunderstorm and rain warnings. We may have had thunder—Willow did bark several times—but mostly what we had was rain.

I still needed yogurt since Kroger was out of my flavor yesterday, so I decided to go out to East Cobb and kill two birds with one stone: a book I wanted was out there, and I wanted to stop at Fuzziwig's for a new supply of Jolly Rancher watermelon candies. I've been nursing a bag all through the summer, but it was time for me to go through the bin again.

The roads were a bit...awash. Not deep puddles, but steady streams running across most of the roads I traveled. Ran into Borders for the book, fished through a heavily-sticky bin of Jolly Ranchers for watermelon candies, then went to Michaels. I was looking for buttons shaped like autumn leaves and finally found some. Found some other buttons which will come in useful in another project (based on something I found on clearance that will make two nice gifts) and also autumn leaf brads, plus bulbs for the candles I keep in the front windows.

On a wild hair I stopped at the Food Depot on South Cobb, closer to the house, rather than going all the way to Publix, and found my flavor of yogurt, although the Food Depot near the house doesn't carry it. Cool.

This afternoon I finally dubbed off Good Morning, Miss Dove before the DVR decides to flip out, as it does periodically. I love this movie. It got me through a hard time in high school, too. I don't remember which grade it was, but I had a very tough teacher one year. He was a former coach who now had multiple sclerosis. I guess he was afraid of the kids taking advantage of him because he was sick, because he was strict to the point of being mean. Miss Dove was never mean, but I remember how Tommy Baker survived out on the raft by thinking the geography period was almost over, and coped similarly.

Oh, I found a Lean Cuisine that I really like! It's bow-tie pasta in a fire-roasted tomato sauce with Romano cheese and tiny bits of bacon. Belissima!

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