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» Friday, October 02, 2009
A Profitable Day
This started with a minor sleep-in (not as late as yesterday), breakfast, then errands.

I bought Schuyler some new seed at Petsmart. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of getting her the Fiesta Mix from Kaytee. It has bits of flakes, and other extras in it, which Skye just tosses out of the dish, and the extra bits block up her food dispenser. So I bought the regular Kaytee seed and dumped the rest of the Fiesta Mix in with the wild bird feed. Also stopped at Michaels next door and bought...nope, can't say that. It's part of a gift. :-)

From there I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. One of the things we bought home from my mom's was a dustpan and brush with a long handle, made to help people with arthritis. But the handle on the brush keeps falling apart so I am going to relegate it to downstairs and bought a new one, with a slanted brush and an adjustable handle on the dustpan. Our bathrooms and the kitchen are so small I usually end up just sweeping with the long-handled brush anyway!

On the way home, gas at Costco and then a stop at Costco. Time for more granola bars, toilet paper, and all that. Had some great samples, including Hebrew National franks, crab spread, and several different types of a brand of pizza whose name I can't remember (began with "P"), but it was all thin, crispy crust. One with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and a couple of different kinds of cheese was quite tasty.

Came home, did some laundry, Facebook, and vacuuming. It got pretty warm in the house today and I was definitely getting queasy by dinnertime. Did enjoy most of Ellen: Jack Hanna was on with a bushbaby, a "screamer" (a funny-looking grey bird whose ancestors go back to the prehistoric and which still has a talon on each wing), a remarkably mellow alligator, and the smallest—the burrowing—and the largest—the eagle—of the owls! The little burrowing owl didn't look much bigger than Schuyler (okay, probably closer to Bandit's size than Little Miss!), and was almost a cartoon image of an owl. They were so lovely!

We had supper at Shane's and then went to Lowes to take advantage of the energy-saving tax-free promotion this weekend to buy a programmable thermostat. We figure if James can install a ceiling fan, the thermostat should be manageable as well. Oh, we bought a new filter for the water dispenser on the refrigerator, too.

Oh, someone should be in to install the drop fixture in the foyer next Thursday. Cool!

And, last but best, thank you so much for the sweet thank you card, Jen and Meg!

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