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» Saturday, October 31, 2009
Never Trust Expired Crackers
So help me, I didn't know saltines could expire.

The little goblins were very sparse last night because of the rain and we had an appointment elsewhere, so we shut down at 8 p.m. and went to trivia. This is at a new place, Varner's, which we pass occasionally. It's a sports bar and a restaurant, but the bar is quite separate.

We had a good time, except for the televisions being quite loud (all football games). We played lightning round trivia so people could watch the football games (...whoopie...), which means they ask you all three questions at once. We did pretty well at the questions, and ended up winning tonight's game! As a definite plus, the food is good and not as expensive as the Vinings Grill. I had something called a steak skillet, beef on a bed of peppers and onions with grilled potatoes. Yum.

Now, before the trick or treating had started, we had a small "tea." I had some oatmeal and fruit, and James warmed up some Progresso sausage soup. As his habit, he crumbled some saltine crackers into it and also added what was left of the rice. He ate a few spoonfuls and then said it didn't taste very good. I sampled it and didn't find anything wrong, so prepared to settle down to eat a little more with some of the saltine crackers.

I ate one dipped in soup, which covered the taste a little, until I gagged on it and had to spit it out. They tasted...terrible. A chemical taste. It lay coated on my tongue. James checked the box and it turned out they were expired in 2007! But why would they taste like chemicals? I thought the wrapper was waxed paper; I guess not. Anyway, James dumped the soup and the crackers, and I brushed my teeth and my tongue to get rid of the horrible taste, which lingered even after I ate half an apple.

However, dinner had dispelled the taste, but as we finished up I felt an ominous rumbling in my tummy. Let's say my system dealt with the "poison" as the body is supposed to. It was an uncomfortable night; I even had chills that continued after a hot shower; it took me a long time to fall asleep.