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» Thursday, October 01, 2009
My Guy
James got a notice a few weeks ago that he was called for jury duty. And not that plain old jury duty either, but jury duty in Federal court. He was to be on call starting September 28 for two weeks.

Anyway, he worked last Saturday and had today off, but kept joking that it would be ironic if he had to go in today. So every day that he called in and didn't have to report was just one more chance he might have to go in today.

Irony was not served. Thanks!

So I took the day off, too, and we slept deliciously late. It was about 48°F again last night, great sleeping weather. Then we had breakfast and messed around at the computer and finally went out to the hobby shop after the TruGreen guy finished treating the lawn.

Spent about an hour at the hobby shop, nipped in at Book Nook [used book store] for a few minutes (James bought some books and I didn't—don't faint!), then went up to Town Center. Wandered about Hobby Lobby and found something cool.

Okay, we don't have a back door. We do have a door that leads out to a second story deck, but there's no stairway down to the yard. So when we go out to walk Willow we go out the front door and walk around to the back. There is a gate on either side to get into the back yard, but we only use the left one. The floodlight they installed, of course, is only on the right side, and the floods aren't really aimed well anyway. Neither actually lights the yard.

Last year after Christmas we bought a string of C9 lights for only $1.67. The idea was to fasten them to the deck to create some ambient lighting (there is a light out there, but it doesn't light anything but the deck area) that would also light up the yard. We tried it; it's not brilliant lighting, but it is light. It would be a help when James went out to walk Willow at night.

Trouble was, how would you turn it on? Walk out to the deck, plug the string in, walk across the house, down the stairs, outside, in the yard, back in, walk to the deck and outside again and pull the plug? A bit of a pain.

In Hobby Lobby with the Christmas lights we found a remote control outside light outlet. You plug it in, and plug the lights into it. The remote control works for up to fifty feet. So if Willow needs to go out after dark, we can just leave the remote dangling near the door, and press the "on" button. The lights come on. James and Wil come back in, shut the light off. Cool.

Also stopped at JoAnn and James went into Hobbytown while I sat outside in the nice fresh air and read The Cosgrove Report. Neat book!

Was able to watch the next part of The National Parks via broadcast again. The antenna has to be pointed precisely south-southeast; even a degree off will not do. Splendid shots of the Everglades.

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