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» Wednesday, October 07, 2009
Lunch Can Be Fun
I wasn't sure what sort of day it would be, as we both awoke groggy because Willow barked all night. It rained all night, so it's possible there was thunder. This was at the point where I wanted to threaten her with "Dog fur coat! Cruella DeVille!" :-)

We were between rainstorms when I got up, so I did go on my walk. I know how Hugh Laurie feels about his House limp, as I banged the dickens out of the small toe on my left foot last night, to the point where it hurt when I turned over in bed, and I was limping rather strenuously. But I did make it through the whole walk.

Tried to clear up some problems this morning, advertised one order, and deciphered an ambiguous statement on a sole source justification. In the meantime, it rained hard again, then the sky was swept and the sun came out, bringing the birds back to the feeder. Unfortunately I can't hear them because I finally surrendered and turned the A/C back on again. It was so sticky last night that it contributed to sleeplessness. It's going to be too warm tonight to sleep without the A/C anyway, and I need to make sure the programming on the thermostat works before leaving the fids alone with it.

Had fun at lunch, though. I had to get the bench, the little table, the bookcase table, and the vase out of the foyer in preparation for tomorrow's light fixture installation. I cleaned off the tier table, but left it and the lamp for later. This only took a few minutes, and I then took a few more minutes to open up the light fixture box and make sure all the parts were there. It's a good thing I opened the light shade fixture bags: all three of them felt...slimy and sticky. I washed them down with Windex and then some alcohol to degrease them, then spent the next half hour having some fun.

I wanted the fixture to look a little more fall themed. So I pulled out my glass paints. There are some "petals" that are violet and some that were more pink. I used the amethyst glass paint to banish the pink ones (I hate pink!). Some of the glass pieces were white. I colored a few of them with a light wash of amber to make them very slightly yellow and colored a few others with a mixture of pumpkin orange and sunset coral for a slight orange tint.

And now Rick Steves has left Venice and it's time for me to get back to work. Later, gator...

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