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» Saturday, October 17, 2009
A High Wind in Georgia
Okay, a good breeze, anyway. Goodness, but it did get cold for October! Our outdoor thermometer stood at 46°F when we got up at 8:30 this morning.

But then it was chilling down nicely last night: the wind was whipping in from the north as we went to dinner. Did something different and went to Golden Corral. Yow! That's gotten expensive! And I really don't eat enough to justify going to a buffet. The steak was nice and rare, though, and I had shrimp for the rest of the meat entree.

Went by Borders and I did get Boneshaker, as well as the Christmas issue of "Bliss Victoria." I'll put that away until Thanksgiving week. Came home by the "Hallowe'en Costume Superstore" that's in the old Progressive Lighting building. James has been looking for a "pirate" shirt—you know, the open collar and the blousy sleeves—to go with his kilt. Either we find complete costumes where the vest is part of the shirt, or they have what they had at this story, one with a ruffly collar down the front of the shirt and ruffles around the cuffs. I guess you'd call it "pirate formal," or really more Regency!

However, we did find a shirt like he wanted at Party City. Yay.

So, last night's Monk was tres interesting, no? Randy actually had a brain except for a few minutes when he was interviewing the guy who died. Loved Natalie and the guys plotting the surprise party. But what's with the new lady Stottlemeyer has met? Her name is Trudy? Is this a red herring? A clue? Was Trudy not really killed? Of course the first thing you think is "Witness protection? Trudy wasn't killed and had her appearance changed?" But why then did she tell Stottlemeyer her name?

And I notice there is no description for next week's episode with Sharona's return on Zap2It. They're keeping that close to their sleeve. :-)

It was a lovely night to sleep, although ironically I had a nightmare for the first time in a long time. Maybe because the bedroom door was closed (since the windows were open in the bedroom, we had to or Schuyler would get a draft). We did go to the Farmer's Market, and although I was enjoying the 40s and the stiff breeze, I felt sorry for the vendors! (And boy, am I glad I bought a new hat at JoAnn yesterday!) We bought nice ears of corn, four sweet potatoes, two slices of chess pie, a loaf of bread, a beef pot pie, a half-dozen chocolate cookies, some smoked chicken spread, and boiled peanuts for James.

They were also having a little craft show (several of the vendors which we recognized as we strolled around watching most of them shiver), a 5K run for the Make-a-Wish Foundation that was just completing when we arrived, and "Scarecrows on the Square," businesses and schools which had prepared scarecrows to represent things. I liked the Edgar Allan Poe one, and the one from the prostheses company was clever. It was so breezy several of the scarecrows had fallen apart.

I love the nice breeze, but the change in the weather always does a number on my sinuses. By the time we'd put the things away and had some breakfast—yum, whole-grain light English muffins with peanut butter!—I had a nice drumming headache which I had to treat with ibuprofin and a lie-down. It wasn't entirely gone by the time we went out, but that could be because I was now hungry. The plain junior burger with mandarin oranges at Wendys helped.

I'm typing this at the hobby shop. They're watching a football game in the meeting room and it's really loud. :-)

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