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» Saturday, October 31, 2009
Hazy, Lazy, Breezy Rainy Hallows Eve Day
(Actually, it's officially the Saint's Day of St. Wolfgang of Regensburg.)

Spent a lazy morning lolling about the computer, harvesting crops in Farmville and checking out the comics. The Science Channel was running a Junkyard Wars marathon this morning, so if we wanted to turn our attention to the idiot's lantern, we could.

We headed out about noon, grabbing a Wendyburger. We were headed for Trader Joe's and went through Lower Roswell Road. I was reminded of Col. Potter's line at the end of "Dear Sis"—"This place is almost pretty." While there are trees slowly browning or turning a dull gold, every so often one of them, usually the maples and some other tree with long narrow leaves, will shine brilliantly. The best was a line of trees where Lower Roswell makes a sharp left turn; they looked as if their leaves were aflame. But there were other vignettes: a bright gold tree behind an old white farmhouse, a red-and-orange tree in a parking lot, pyrecantha berries spotted red-orange on vines growing up a fence next to a driveway.

We stopped at Borders because the East Cobb store usually has the best stock, and I had the "Mouse" with me to check out the new free wifi. (It works fine.) Well, cool beans, good thing we did: Susan Waggoner has a new Christmas book out, Christmas Memories, with photos and clips of advertisements and toys and decorations from the 1920s to the 1960s. (My childhood is now I know how my parents felt!)

Bought a few things at Trader Joe's, including, finally, a pumpkin tart! We have been waiting all year for them; they only make them in the fall and right around Christmas. Even better than pumpkin pie—more crust! Also made a brief stop at Hallmark, then went to the hobby shop, where I leaned back and read while the guys talked. Finished "Country Living" and was deep into the "Mary's Farm" column in "Yankee" when someone asked me something. I was so involved I just said "Huh?" "Mary's Farm" chronicles the daily life of a woman living in the New Hampshire woods, and this was about her 12-day experience without electricity after an ice storm.

We had no candy in the house, so we came home past Life University to see how far they are in erecting their Christmas display, and then went to Publix. Of course nothing inexpensive was left! We just got one bag, as the weather is nasty and we aren't expecting many kids. We'll see.

First it was going to be cold for Hallowe'en. Then it was going to be warm. The predictions for warm were so prevalent that I went to Michael's and bought myself an alternative "costume" that I could wear with short sleeves for the neighborhood "block party" tomorrow night. Then it was supposed to be warm and rain.

It started raining during the night, with a cold front hot on the heels of the rain clouds. That was the reason we didn't go to the Farmer's Market this morning. It drizzled all day, sprinkled a bit in the late afternoon, and then the wind shifted in from the north with a flap of the banner on the front porch. The temperature started dropping like that proverbial rock, down from about 60°F this morning to 50 right now (with the wind chill it's probably more like 45), down to 44°F for the low. So here I am sitting on the steps near the front door, wearing my Hallowe'en cat sweatshirt and a hat (since I have the door cracked to hear the kids coming up the walk). Wifi is truly a great thing. :-)

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