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» Saturday, October 03, 2009
Getting Trivial
Wow...had a great night at trivia tonight...we won! It was only Matt, Kelley, James and me, but we did quite well, and the final question was easy if you grew up during the Sixties! (Hint: the answer was a song and had something to do with "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme." Get it? Got it! Good!)

When we left the house it was still twilight and a big harvest moon was rising, soft glowing gold over a darkening sky streaked with red and orange. It had been cool enough all day to drive with the windows down, and we enjoyed the ride to the restaurant. Wish the meal had been as good. I had the soup, which is thick with chicken bits, carrots, celery, and linguini noodles, which would be otherwise delicious, except I think they dump a cup of salt in each stock pot. I'm glad I don't have high blood pressure, or I'd have to take an extra pill now.

On the way home the moon was now higher and colder, and it was actually chilly enough that we had to keep the windows up in the truck!

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