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» Saturday, October 03, 2009
Dust and Sun
I stripped the bed this morning preparatory to changing it and realized that now was a good time to clean off the two big ceiling fans, the one in the master bedroom and the one in the living room, since the flat sheet can be used as a drop cloth for all the dust that develops on the leading edge of the fan blade. James also removed and we washed the light cover on the fixture on the master bedroom fan. This is what I don't like about "upside down" light fixtures; they just collect dust. This also had dust in it from the last time I cleaned the fan blades.

We waited until the sheets and blankets were done washing and ready to go into the dryer before we went out, then went to the hobby shop for about an hour. Next we stopped at the Publix on Johnson Ferry Road for tortillas. Since the WalMarts near us seem to have quit stocking the fajita-size low-carb whole-wheat tortillas, this is the one place we know we can still get them. Got a couple of twofers, too. As we were strolling the frozen food aisle, we noticed these tiny one-serving (six ounce) containers of Edy's slow-churned ice cream (which is made with skim milk) in chocolate and vanilla. We bought two and ate them in the car. Really nice, rich flavor!

Next stopped at Borders, as we had $5 in Borders Bucks that expire Sunday. I actually had $10 of Borders Bucks, but decided to save the other five and the five dollar coupon I have for Time Quake, which, cross fingers, is out next Tuesday. I did get a remainder book, the (out early) October issue of the British Country Living, and the new Victorian Homes, which I usually buy only at Christmas, but this has some lovely fall photographs.

Last stop, Trader Joe's: salad and turkey for tomorrow's supper, more oyster crackers, a couple of other things. James and I both headed immediately for the dessert table and were crushed: the pumpkin tarts are not out yet. It's October! They only have these pumpkin tarts in the fall and through Christmas and we wait all year for them.

It's been bright and sunny all day, although cool enough to have the windows down when we drive, but now I feel like I'm sunburned, dammit.

Sheets and blankets are still drying and it's getting time for trivia...

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