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» Wednesday, October 21, 2009
A Break in the Weather
We have had a break in the "gingerbread weather," as I suspected we would. 70s today and 70s tomorrow, with high 60s in the offing. Ah, well, at least it was nice for the apple festival. I could only wish it would be like it was on Sunday on Hallowe'en; then I could wear my cat outfit with no problem. I can probably get away with it through lower 60s if I don't move around much. Actually, I need it to be cool on November 1, because we are having a costume party get-together in the community. James' pirate shirt and kilt are light enough, but my cat costume is mostly comprised of black sweats!

Not sure if it was last night's sausage or just a bug, but I was feeling pretty puny today. I would be hungry and eat and then be nauseated. Urgh. As I always do when I'm under the weather, I lit a candle—cinnamon stick scent today—and played some of my Christmas LPs: "Rocky Mountain Christmas" and the Grants Christmas album I grew up with. Finished an order, did payment authorizations, clarified performance dates, answered phone calls, things like that, and did laundry during lunch and vacuumed when I finished up for the day. Just had some Italian wedding soup for supper.

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