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» Sunday, September 27, 2009
Step by Step
Yes, we hit Kroger as usual today, for milk and bananas and the other weekly groceries. We also went to Borders.

But our main business was at Lowes, which is told in Autumn Hollow.

Anyway, when we finished with the paving stones, we had a nice remainder of the afternoon watching Clark Howard and "Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse." I am astonished: we have had three weeks of not-too-stupid Randy Disher, although he was briefly on the edge there eating the gingerbread men in front of Natalie in the voodoo episode. Amazing!

During supper (thin-cut pork chops with a tomato and cucumber salad...yum!) we watched the two Rick Sebak specials that GPB aired before The National Parks: the unusual buildings one and the Lincoln Highway special. Love these things.

Watching The National Parks now, but not enjoying as much as I should because Dish doesn't carry either of the Atlanta PBS stations in HD. But we can't get GPB with the antenna, only WPBA. When WPBA broadcasts it, we can watch it via broadcast and see it in HD. Hell of a thing, eh? Stupid stuff we get in HD, but PBS we don't.

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