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» Monday, September 21, 2009
Something to Be Happy About...
A new House and a new Castle, both on the same night. Could television get any better?

(Okay...Robert Sean Leonard, Hugh Laurie, and Nathan Fillion could be on a special celebrity Jeopardy, but that's wandering into the realms of Fantasyland...and where's that drool towel when I need it?)

I put on the first Castle last year hoping for an appealing quirky mystery series, and I was not disappointed. If you like light mysteries, you might try this one. I especially love novelist Castle's relationship with his teenage daughter and his Auntie Mame-like mom.

Castle at

Castle Fan Page

(Oh, good grief, I didn't realize someone was ghostwriting Richard Castle's new book, Heat Wave, and it was going to actually be published...LOL.)

Rick Castle also has "his own" Facebook page and you can "Friend" him.