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» Saturday, September 26, 2009
The Saturday Shopper
James was up bright and early—okay, early...LOL—at 6:50 to go to work today. I slept until 8:30, after having a strange dream about not allowing a group of panicky people to use my cell phone. I awoke surprisingly chipper, considering I had a dreaded errand to come.

I decided to go the farmer's market to get a few things. It was overcast and fairly cool, and I bought a little honey, a loaf of French bread, more pimento cheese spread, a surprise for dessert, and some of those nasty boiled peanuts that James likes. I guess boiled peanuts are an acquired taste, and I haven't acquired it. :-)

I had planned to head home, but instead went straight on to my errand. The last of my work pants, which I bought years ago and have been nursing with patches, finally gave their all on Tuesday. I'd planned to buy new pants, but was hoping to wait until October. I hate buying clothes. I even hated it when I was two pounds short of my ideal weight. Shoes are even worse. I really don't get the shoe thing with women; shoes are something to put on your feet outside or to keep warm. You have a couple pair for work, a couple pair for weekends, a good pair for funerals and weddings, a ratty pair to work in the yard, and some slippers. What else do you need?

Anyway, I decided to go to Acworth. I could hit the SuperTarget, the Kohls, and the WalMart, and still look at Books-a-Million for a copy of Country. Sadly, I didn't find the Country, but did get Just Cross-Stitch's annual Christmas ornament issue and a bargain book. Then it was on to Target. I've had horrible luck searching for clothing at Target and this time was no exception. They don't seem to have any dressy pants at all. I wouldn't wear what passed for pants there at a dogfight. The one near-decent pair I saw had cuffs, which sure wouldn't do since I always have to hem my pants. I hardly ever find pants for people my height.

I did get James a couple of Mexican dinners and found quite a pretty little fall vine wreath for only $2.50.

There is also a Ross Dress-for-Less in that shopping area, so I tried there. They did have one pair of pants my size! And they weren't too long and fit my waist and hips...but were too tight in the thighs! Weird.

So I drove down to Wally World and did find some suitable black pants there. They only had the one color, but I got two pair. I'll put different color buttons on them, or something, to tell them apart. Bonus: also found James' favorite scent of deodorant. The musk Speed Stick is hard to find.

Came home down US41 and decided to stop at the Hallmark shop in the shopping center on Jiles Road, next to the Publix. This is the same Hallmark where I bought the cute little "Mary's Moo-Moos" figurines for Christmas:

I checked the case where the little cow figurines usually are kept and not only was there a cute little Christmas figure, but they had this cutie as well:

It's now on the kitchen table, in front of the autumn candle arrangement.

I couldn't find a picture online of the other figurine. It is a little bull in overalls sitting next to a 40s-type desk telephone with the receiver up near his ear and four little cardinals all over him, and the title is "Just calling to wish you a moo-ry Christmas."

I went home through Pine Mountain Road and spatters of rain, to Barrett Parkway, back to Whitlock Road and then through the battlefield park and Jim Miller Park to home. Had part of my free bowl of soup for lunch along with some of the french bread from this morning.

Along about three the weather radio went off with a shriek. I got Willow outside just before it started to rain. After awhile it thundered and we were in Georgia Monsoon Season for a bit. It seems to have passed over now, and James is home and the birds back at the feeder.

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