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» Sunday, September 20, 2009
Every once in a whole we are still hearing a rumble of thunder in the distance. A while back it sounded like an artillery barrage. It has rained all day, fitting accompaniment to my mood.

Not sure what did it, but I was sick most of the night, back ached. Awoke to read e-mail for the bad news about Mary. Cried some, choked down some breakfast. We'd planned to go to Fry's today and we did. Steady rain all the way, with a few bouts of what I refer to as "Georgia monsoon season," great gouts of water poured everywhere. Passed yet another craft show in Roswell; this one not doing very well, either.

Looked at antennas at Fry's. If the rabbit ears we have won't do, the next step is an outdoor antenna, and not sure if I want to do that. (Later I messed with the antenna and GPB did come in a bit better.) Did find something special: the 26-part 1963 CBS series World War I, narrated by Robert Ryan and with a great score by Morton Gould. I used to watch this every weekday night on one of the Boston stations, 25 maybe, or 27 from Worcester...might have even been WGBH's sister station 44. No longer sure. The archival footage is wonderful, a great companion piece to the later The Great War.

Have watched Clark Howard, Colour Confidential, the two Jeopardy eps we missed, and now have it on.

Oh, on the way home we plowed through yet another portion of "monsoon." We were both a bit hungry and stopped at the Waffle House because I needed a grilled cheese sandwich. The waiter seemed to be having a feud with the grill cook and we both wondered if we'd ever get our lunch. The waiter finally started my grilled cheese sandwich himself. Weird.

Still thinking about Mary. Can't help thinking of her every time I look at my little Country Pickins shadow boxes. She loved miniatures.

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