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» Saturday, September 19, 2009
"If You Like Craft Shows, and Getting Caught in the Rain..."
...then it was a perfect day for you!

We were up at 8:30 to go to the Farmer's Market. Very small today, wedged between Church Street and the railroad tracks because there seemed to be some sort of craft show setting up on the Square proper (just looked; it's this year's Marietta Streetfest). We just got two beautiful tomatoes and two nice cucumbers; didn't feel like sweet corn, and the honey person wasn't there. Don't know if that was because of the "squishing" or if they are not coming now that summer's over. It was just drizzling lightly and we wandered about sampling things.

James wanted to get some cash, but we weren't near any of the branches of his bank. I suggested going to Walgreens to look for some of his deodorant and then getting cash back. The cash-back gambit worked, but when we left it was pouring rain out, so we had to decide: did we want to go to Blue Ribbon Affair this morning or not?

Just as we were leaving the store, I glanced down at the Saturday Atlanta Journal-Constitution and an article about the rain, which started thusly:
We're likely to run out of summer before we run out of rain. Fall arrives Tuesday afternoon, and it had better be traveling by boat....
Major LOL!

So we came home to bring the groceries home and check radar, which showed a honkin' big cloud bearing down on us, but the rain had slowed to a drizzle again, so we went.

Very small this year: they let us in free due to both the size and the rain, I think. Some vendors in tents outside, then only one building in use. We got a few more pieces of fudge, I bought three tiny homemade Christmas ornaments (two of them cross-stitched), and we bought some dips. There were a lot of other pretty things, but nothing we really needed.

From there we made a quick pass downtown, thinking if we found a close parking space we might look in on the Streetfest, but there was nothing close and as we cruised the booths it looked like more of what we had already seen, so we passed and went to the hobby shop for a while. Someone had brought cupcakes in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ahrrrrrr...ahoy! Ye morsels were too sweet, matey. :-)

I took a quick trot across the way to the hardware store, as James was looking for strike-anywhere matches for an emergency kit. Love this place: it's a real hardware store, not like Lowes/Home Depot. Smells just like Mancini's Hardware on Cranston Street used to smell. If the spinner had been there with the bulbs for your television set, it might have been almost complete. :-) Anyway, found the matches, bought some more S-hooks, which are invaluable in the closets, and found a pack of 25-watt light bulbs. Do you know how hard it is to find 25 watt bulbs anymore? I use them in the lamp in the foyer; it has to be dim or the light comes into the bedroom, and I don't need to waste electricity there anyway. Last time I had to buy candle-shaped bulbs because that's all there was in 25 wattage.

(Oh, yeah—on the way to the hobby shop we stopped at Big Lots since we hadn't been there in months. Guess what I found—the very oatmeal I couldn't find at two Walmarts, and at a lower price than WallyWorld, too.)

We came home via Cost Plus World Market (working on ideas for two Christmas gifts; they had some wine on sale for $5/bottle, so we got a bottle of white and one of red—we cook with it, not drink it, so we don't need to be concerned how it tastes) and Michaels. Been messing about on the computer, reading the comics and all that, and trying to clean up the magazines that have begun to stack in the living room. Fall Festival in WW so I am trying to catch some leaves. Also cleaning the bathroom, paying some bills online, that sort of thing.

The rental house next door is finally getting tenants. Some folks with kids. Hope they're nice!

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