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» Friday, September 25, 2009
Friday on My Mind
Yessss! Only one more thing to finish up at work! My supervisor and one of the vendors finally worked out an equitable agreement about a license, and all that now needs to happen is for the revised purchase request to make it to me so we can lease some copiers for the next three years.

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful gift someone sent me in the mail: sample episodes of Lassie that have been broadcast on TV Land in Canada. Along with the enjoyment came bitterness that we in the United States do not share the luck of Canadian viewers in seeing the series without it being chopped up like liver and then smeared with all manner of banners and popups before it reaches the airwaves. The TV Land broadcasts have a small logo in the right hand corner and a brief "PG" tag when the episode first starts, but no other screen ornamentation, nor are great chunks cut out of the story for hideous ads for "male enhancement," ambulance-chasing lawyers, Chia Obama heads, and other useless crap. I know advertising pays the bills, but does it have to be such a damn bully? An advertisement should be a polite guest in your home, not the obnoxious loud neighbors you threaten to call the police on.

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