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» Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Drying Out
Yesterday was truly "night and day" compared with Monday. Very, very scary, and the stories on the news are heartbreaking. Roads washed away and the Six Flags roller coaster are just minor things. People with no flood insurance because they were not living on a flood plain, but still flooded, have lost everything. Houses full of mud, some still full of water. A school in Austell was completely wiped out. A 3-year-old was yanked out of his father's arms by a current of water as his father hung on to some bushes. Today they played the 911 call of a poor woman whose car was swept into the water and hidden by undergrowth. The 911 operator spoke to her until her phone cut off. The fire department couldn't find the car for the water and the bushes and she didn't know exactly where she was to tell the 911 operator. So she drowned in her car.