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» Friday, September 18, 2009
Bella Notte!
We had supper at Vincent's Italian Ristorante tonight. It's gone wayyyy past the day we first went there and had terrible service. Our waiter, Jeremiah, was super, and supper equally so. James had lasagna and I had rigatoni with meatballs. The other half will make a nice lunch next week. The pasta was cooked perfectly—marvelously al dente.

The music was great, too. They didn't have the usual Frank Sinatra/Rat Pack junk Italian songs, but music I grew up with: Jerry Vale, Connie Francis, what sounded like Al Martino or Enzo Pinza—and even Lou Monte. They played both "Lazy Mary" and "Pepino the Italian Mouse." Other kids grew up with "The Wheels on the Bus" or camp songs. Me, I grew up on Lou Monte and "Pepino." LOL.

After supper went to the Barnes & Noble at West Cobb in the forlorn hope of finding Country. So few places carry it! Bought a copy of Ballet Shoes because I've never read it, and a really cool remainder coffee table book about the making of The Wizard of Oz (I'm not a crazy Oz fan, but this talks about the progression from book to screen and talks about the silent versions of the books, etc. A few great shots of Terry, who played Toto.)

We also stopped at Hallmark and found the Webkinz turkey—what a great Thanksgiving decoration! He's so cute, with crossed eyes to boot. Maybe I'll call him "Clarence."

Watching more Muppets tonight. I notice Disney has pared those original ITC logos off...

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