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» Thursday, August 27, 2009
Where Does the Time Go?
At work, it goes into waiting for ICE to move. I talked to someone about how slow it is and she said, "Oh, it's always like that this time of year." I really, really disagree. It's been slow...but it's glacial. Slothful. If I want to move an order folder into another folder, it takes a minimum of two minutes. (Yes, I timed it.) Today I was trying to do some price research for an order. It took me fifteen minutes to search for and actually get into one single order to look at it. Two years ago, with easier orders, I could bap out twelve a day. The orders are more complicated now, but if I get out three a day I'm having a good day! Today I did two! It's absolutely frustrating. I keep hitting the mouse button like it's going to do something to make the damn thing go. Followed by my usual expletive: "Damn useless piece of Microslop-based junk!"

And then there's the DragonCon schedule. James and I were sitting with the pocket program tonight entering things into our PDAs. It's an embarrassment of riches: I'm pretty much clocked around the Brit track (especially Louis Robinson's panels), the alternative history track, a couple of Trek things (I really, really would like to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on Friday morning—they were part of my childhood), a few YA lit panels, an Apollo 11 retrospective, the Saturday night ARTC performance (sorry, guys, I'm skipping Cthulu on Sunday), and, oh, yeah, Dean Haglund's improv if possible (it's usually so funny I get a headache from laughing). James is top-heavy with apocalypse and alternative history and a couple of writers' panels.

Plus there needs to be enough time for a quick run around the art show, and a stroll of the dealers' and exhibition rooms, and a visit to Andy Runton's table in Artist's Alley...I think there's a new Owly out, and one must have Owly!

I figure to do this we are going to have to come up with one of Hermione's time-turners...each!

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