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» Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Waiting for the Chirp, Chirp, Chirp
I heard something Sunday night when James took Willow out that I hadn't heard in months: crickets! During the summer the sound of the cicadas and the tree frogs overwhelm everything else; I don't think the crickets even try to compete. It's a very small sign that fall is approaching; next the acorns will be dropping out of the trees in the parking lot at work—several have already tapped their autumn drumbeats on the roof of my car—and the silvery spiders' webs will appear in the mornings.

I am crossing fingers that we will have a nice DragonCon like last year. About halfway through August last year we had a rainstorm, and after it passed it was still hot, in the 80s, but the heat had been tempered. Temps this week are supposed to get close to 90, but not pass it—hope that's true. Makes walking between all those hotels much more palatable!

And the nice cool mornings are nice, too!