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» Saturday, August 15, 2009
Tomes and Terriers
So we ended up eating at home Friday because the heat at work did a number on me; I went from traffic to bathroom in very quick succession. James brought grilled chicken home from KFC instead of us going out to dinner. Later I was recovered enough so we could go to Borders. There are 40 percent off paperback coupons this week. I found the first book in what looks like an interesting new series, about magic users during the Revolutionary War.

(Apparently it was interesting enough to me, because I started it last night and finished it this afternoon! The first book is The Patriot Witch, about a young man descended from Salem witches who is a minuteman, and just discovering there is more to his powers that he can use for the good of the Revolution, against evil magic-users who are allied with the British.)

We were up early for the farmer's market this morning. Had to pretty much buy all new veggies as the ones we bought last week were left in the car too long and spoilt. We had samples and bought corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, some pesto spread for Hair Day next week, chicken salad for James, and a baguette and two croissants. This we immediately took home.

Willow has had this moldy-looking growth thing on her nose for over two weeks. Until I gave her a bath I was convinced it was dirt until it wouldn't come off. We continued washing her nose all week but it never came off, so we both started worrying that it was some type of growth, since she has "old dog" warts all over her body. We called the vet when Jen and Meg were here, but there were no doctors in the office on Sunday; we had to wait until today. So she excitedly followed us into the truck and we drove out to Dunwoody.

We arrived very early, so spent 40 minutes total in the vets office with Willow hyperventilating madly. She panted, whined, tried to escape, and it took three tries to get her on the scale. She's lost a pound since April—yay! The ten-minute wait in the examination room seemed to last an hour. Then Dr. Mike came in, looked at the "growth" and scraped it off with his fingernail. It was...dried snot, basically. I had thought about trying to scrape it off, but was afraid to do it, especially when it wouldn't loosen up when I bathed her!

We did notice that she was sneezing a lot last weekend; Dr. Mike thinks she's just had a cold or an allergy causing the grey discharge, so he gave her 10 days worth of antibiotics.

Now, at the vet's office and at Petsmart we have always tried to offer Willow the free dog biscuits they have out. She's always so nervous she won't eat them. But today Dr. Mike put the first pill in a Greenies "Pill Pouch" and she gobbled it up! James and I looked at her in shock! Later he said, "There must be dog catnip in it!"

We stopped at the Perimeter Borders on the way back. I stayed outside with Willow while James went inside, walking her back and forth and sitting at one of the Seattle Coffee tables for a while. We like to show her a car trip isn't all trauma. When James came out, I went in, and emerged (with another "Traitor to the Crown" book), he was sitting on the wall reading his acquisition with Wil lying down next to him.

From there we stopped at Wendy's for lunch. Got Wil and I both a junior hamburger plain; she had hers without the bun. :-) She was very good and let both James and I eat without harassment, and I fed her the burger when I got done with mine. Also gave her a mandarin orange and the juice left in the bowl. Once we got to the hobby shop—she had a swell time; a bunch of the guys were petting her—I gave her some water in the orange cup.

Finally, over her trauma, she arrived home and sacked out on the carpet. Frankly, I sacked out, too, on the sofa, due to a sinus headache that was getting worse by the minute. When I'd conquered the headache, I finished Patriot Witch, and by then it was time for dinner. James was in the mood for Chinese, so we went to Oriental Cafe and had a Mandarin Trio: big shrimp, chicken, and beef over rice noodles with an oyster sauce which has been coming up on me all night.

Well, we were going to stop at Borders in Austell so I could get the third of the "Traitor" books, then go to BJs and then Kroger. We got to Borders and there was one of our friends, Phyllis, who told us they were playing trivia on our side of town now, at the Vinings Grill. Well, cool! We quit going to trivia way before Pigwidgeon died because the new place they were playing was a bar that was wayyyyyy too noisy and they allowed smoking. We brought our leftovers home and joined them. There was another friend there we hadn't seen in years. Since we had already eaten, we just had dessert...and were in time for chat in the bargain.

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