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» Tuesday, August 04, 2009
The Tide Keeps Coming In, But Never Ebbs
Sunday night I did not sleep long (six hours at the most), but it was a sound sleep and I awoke relaxed.

Last night I didn't, and I am jittery, nauseated, and the muscles in my neck are all tense. I wish I could stop the damn nightmares. I remember when I used to work with Microslop Access I would have recurring dreams about spending hours filling in fields, only to hit save, then reopen the table and find everything blank, re-fill in the fields, hit save, reopen to find it blank, over and over and over. I would wake up exhausted because I felt as if I had actually been typing all night.

Last night was a variation on this: I was given something to do that I thought was a rush, and throughout the dream I work, and work, and work on it, only to find out when I finish and have not worked on anything else that...someone gave me the wrong info and it's a Facebook game!

Plus I think I forgot to take my Atenolol last night...bother.

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