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» Monday, August 03, 2009
Sunny Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down
Actually, it's Tuesdays I hate...slowest day of the week...Monday you're still riding the crest of the weekend. However, every day of the week appears to be the slow one for my computer at work. It is getting absurd. I did a disk cleanup today, but we are not allowed to do a defrag of the hard drive, as that takes administrator privileges. I understand not being allowed to install software—God only knows what some people would put on—but I'm sure my hard disk could use a good defrag. It takes forever to process anything.

Traffic was fine, but it's Monday. James made the prepared pork chops we bought at Kroger yesterday. Very mild seasoning, thank God, and the pork was tender.

And then I was doing some neglected dusting when there was a crash from downstairs.

Damn. The wire shelving in the garage that was holding James' boxes of rockets fell down. Again. I think this time it stayed up a year...I can't find where it happened previously. Obviously the shelving supports are not strong enough to hold the boxes (the shelf is fine; it's the supports that failed).

So we picked up everything in the garage (the boxes pretty much stayed shut; we only had to collect the contents of two of them) and really were only in there for not more than fifteen minutes, but it was so hot I was nauseated for the rest of the night.

Have I mentioned lately how much I loathe summer?

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