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» Friday, August 21, 2009
Sleep, Sweet Sleep
I slept until ten this morning! Talk about sucking up sleep like a sponge.

After that, an ordinary Friday. Went to WallyWorld for yogurt and bananas; got enough of the former to last until after DragonCon. Yoplait now has a coffee yogurt, so I'm trying it. The cashier was very chatty and telling me and the lady behind me about a recent customer who insisted on rearranging his bags, putting the bread on the bottom, with the eggs on top, and with the bug spray in the same bag! Ewww.

Had two Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons to use up, so went to Cumberland Mall via the East-West Connector. Got another shelf for the cupboard under the counter and also a glass cutting board. I hate the one we have, with ugly pink and green flower patterns. This is clear. Also stopped at Barnes & Noble. Noticed a sign of hope—the autumn issue of "Midwest Living" is out—but didn't buy anything. Gad, half the paperbacks are vampire romances.

Was going to get gasoline at Costco, but the line was into next week. We are having supper tonight with friends at Pizza Hut, but most of what they serve there I can't eat without getting indigestion into next week. So I stopped at Fresh2Order and got a bowl of soup. (You really get stiffed on take-out, sadly, as the large bowl of soup is not as large as what you get if you eat in. Anyway, when I got home I added a little water to it, and the rest of the leftover rice. Yummy. Ate it just before James got home.)

Final stop was the QT for gas. The guy next to me had his windows half down, but had his stereo on so loud and the bass set so hard all I could hear was his car vibrating until he actually opened the door. Ow. Plus he had to squeal his wheels on the way out. Sorry you're impotent; have you tried Viagra?

Had cheese and crackers for lunch, then put up the cutting board and the shelf. I ended up cleaning out the cupboard and rinsing out all the pans we don't use that often. Then I sat down and watched most of Good Morning, Miss Dove. This is the first time I've seen it in the original widescreen!

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