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» Friday, August 21, 2009
Marching Through Georgia
We had a great supper with Claudia, although most of our stuff was served when we were finished with dinner, so we brought most of it home. Big black clouds were building up in the north as we went off to Hobby Lobby. Walked in the door and was greeted with FALL! What a breath of fresh air! Checked out the Christmas ornaments, too, and came out with the September issue of "Country Sampler," with all the nice prim homes decked out in leaves, branches, crows and scarecrows, and nostalgic Hallowe'en decor.

We were home by the time the storm broke, watching Monk. Alas, it began halfway through, so we'll have to catch the rerun to see who killed the woman in the desert and if Natalie can get her car back without it costing her four figures, since Monk kept insulting the only repairman in town. Sometimes Adrian needs duct tape.

Quite a noisy storm, too. The lights dimmed a half dozen times and the internet connection crashed once, but otherwise it was fine.

James has made blueberry muffins for Hair Day tomorrow and the house smells lovely!

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