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» Saturday, August 22, 2009
In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Daytime...
Since James is working tomorrow, we "slept in" until almost nine, and then made our way to Hair Day. James baked more blueberry muffins and they were definitely a hit, along with the "Sun Goat Pesto" (with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese) from the Farmer's Market last week. We had a small crowd today, but a good time. The main course was deli meat and cheese, and Lin made the Asian salad from one of Paula Deen's cookbooks. I love this stuff, not the main cabbage (bok choy, I think), but the nuts, seeds, crispy Ramen noodles, and oranges that go with it, but predictably I was burping it up all afternoon.

Plus we got the good news that ARTC's "Rory Rammer, Space Marshal" will have a CD release for DragonCon (which is in two weeks—yipe!).

From there we went to the hobby shop for a little while, then stopped at Wild Birds Unlimited and got another "arm" for the feeder hanger assembly. The bigger squirrel-proof feeder is just too big and heavy to be on the old, thin pole. Finally we stopped at Trader Joe's for tomorrow night's salad supper and got a few other things, including something for James to eat for lunch tomorrow, and then came home.

Installed the new arm immediately and also added a bag of safflower seed to the seed can. I had refilled the feeders and was putting up the suet feeder when one of the little brown-headed nuthatches flew up. I froze in place with my right arm up like the Statue of Liberty and he eyed me and I eyed him. We were so close I could have reached out and touched him (or her) if he had let me. Then I said softly, "Hi, sweetie," and he played it safe and flittered away.

Was feeling distinctly overheated by this time and was glad to rest under the ceiling fan and watch Colour Confidential with Jane designing a home office for a couple. Wow. Even I would want to work in what she designed.

Dozed off for a while, even, and kept company with Schuyler until it was time to go to trivia. Need to remember to get there earlier from now on.

We won tonight! At least one answer I pulled out of some dark memory (which book Forrest Gump carried in his briefcase [Curious George]), and the final question was about which Mercury astronaut did not get to fly in the Mercury program—Deke Slayton, of course. One other was "The champion in what sport is commemorated by an Eclipse Award?" After my having read all her books, every Marguerite Henry fan in the world would have killed me had I gotten this one wrong! LOL. (It's horse racing; Eclipse was the ancestor of all of today's thoroughbreds.)

Now, right before we left for trivia, James took Willow outside and came back in saying, "Hey, you remember that noise we heard earlier and Willow started barking? Well, the front's come through. It was the flag [the banner on the front porch] snapping and changing directions."

It was nice outside. We drove to the restaurant with the windows down, and when we came out it was blessedly, delightfully, gorgeously cool! I had to pull my arm away from the window on the way home because it was chilly. Lovely, sweet and pure cool air!

Come quickly, O Fall! We miss you!

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