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» Sunday, August 09, 2009
I'm Melting...
Well, it feels like it, anyway.

Jen was going to knock on our bedroom door when they rose, but we were both already awake when their alarms rang at 7 a.m. I offered them milk, they checked the map to make sure where they were going to turn northwest after Birmingham, and then they were off with us waving them on their way.

I would have liked nothing better than to go back to bed, but it seemed silly. So we had breakfast, then started on our errands. Deposited checks at the bank. Check. Safflower seeds for the birds. Check. Trip to BJs for cheese, eggs, etc. Check. Trip to Kroger for gasoline, and the rest of the things we needed: milk, bread, James' prescription. Home! We could spend the afternoon (for it was after noon by then) as we liked.

Well, almost. We forgot the one thing we really went to Kroger for: dog food!

There were 40 percent off Borders coupons anyway, so we drove out to the one at Merchant's Walk (passing by a Kroger on the way to pick up a bag of dog food and a box of dog biscuits while we were at it), which is the best one around these days except for the story at Buckhead. I didn't see anything that "floated my boat," but James found three, so I bought one for him, about surviving in case of disaster. He also got an Eric Flint anthology and an urban fantasy anthology.

By this time we were both exhausted. We had a lot of fun this weekend, but the heat has done its nasty work. We both feel as if we've had every bit of energy siphoned from our bodies, and I've been nauseated most of the day unless I am quiet and cool. Right now I am just finishing one of the DVDs I bought from, one of the old Bell Science Series specials from 1959, The Alphabet Conspiracy, in which a little girl named Judy, frustrated by her English homework, almost falls for the Mad Hatter's (Hans Conreid) plan to destroy the alphabet to get away from the frustration of grammar, until Dr. Linguistics (Bell Lab's Dr. Frank Baxter, who starred in a series of these science hours) convinces her otherwise. There are two other science shorts on the DVD as well: "The Gift of Green," about photosynthesis, and "The Adventures of Junior Raindrop," a Forest Service film which talks about erosion (I could tell it was a Forest Service film without even looking at the credits; it sounded like a 60s forest ranger episode of Lassie).

Now as I am really in the mood for something mindless, I have put on National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon.

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