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» Tuesday, August 18, 2009
The Good and the Bad
The Good: I was supposed to meet someone at the house today. Since I would have had to take leave to do so, my supervisor said I could telework today (we're off telework until fiscal year is over). This was especially terrific since my home computer works like greased lightning next to the sad sallie at work, so I was able to do five...count 'em!...orders this morning, instead of the two or maybe three I might have managed.

The Bad: I counted on making just as good a rate this afternoon and then the ICE server crashed like an Imperial Walker on Hoth a little after three and hasn't been seen since. Since I can't do purchase orders without ICE...this is a Bad thing.

Not to mention the person who was supposed to come by didn't bother knocking on the door, so by the time I looked outside again, they were gone. Dammit.

The Good: I had to get gasoline for the rest of the week, so went to Kroger. I must have had the funniest shopping cart there all day: birdseed, niger seed, Gas-X, and leg quarters for James to grill for supper. I put the seed and niger up before it thundered and rained, and already the finches seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

Oh, and really Good news, Ivan: Good Morning, Miss Dove was letterboxed!

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