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» Wednesday, August 19, 2009
The Good and the Bad, the Coda
The Bad: I never can get enough sleep. This morning Willow started barking, the short, sharp distress barks. She's on antibiotics for her sinus infection, or whatever it is, and usually that makes her need to "go" more, so James finally put on some shorts and a shirt and went to take her outside. It was 4:08 a.m.

But she didn't want to go out; he said she was flattened on the floor as far as she could go. He immediately suspected a fly, but saw none buzzing around the little lamp that is always lit. Didn't see anything when we turned the light on this morning, either, and they usually swarm for that light. Odd.

The Good: an impressionist's dream of a sunrise, all spread across the sky, soft-edged clouds of lemon yellow, and pale and bright oranges, with bands of purple. Lovely!

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