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» Sunday, August 23, 2009
Day of Rest, My Foot!
Whomever says that doesn't have a job plus a house that needs cleaning.

I'd imagined that if I began early enough, I might even have some time to sit down and cross stitch! Imagine that!, right. I was up at nine and while it was still lovely and cool ran to Food Depot for sugar-free Blue Bunny ice cream bars. Since the only reason I would be going to Kroger was for milk, I grabbed some there. Also bought James a birthday card—less than two weeks away!—and the newspaper.

There were Michaels coupons, so I took one along with my Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon that was running out tomorrow, and went out to BB&B for another, smaller glass cutting board. Now I have replaced both and I can get rid of those ugly ones. I cleaned them both up and they will go to Goodwill with a box full of stuff that's already ready. I also stopped at Barnes & Noble briefly to look at some books in a mystery series by an author named Penny. The newest one is offered on Amazon Vine this month and I wondered if I'd like it, since it takes place in Quebec. I don't know, though. I'm not much on police procedurals.

I did notice that Steven Boyett's Ariel is back in print! I got this edition when it was first released in 1983, and then noted a year or two ago that there was a new electronic version with deleted sequences and had planned to get it, but forgot. Now it is back in paperback form—I notice the titular unicorn is not even on the cover; I guess they don't want people to think this is a girly-girly book instead of the gritty urban fantasy it is. Plus I notice Boyett has a sequel coming out in November, featuring what sounds like a child of the original protagonist. Terrific!

I passed on the book, though, until I could use a coupon at Borders. But really, it's a great book. Don't read "unicorn" and think "Disney princesses" or "Barbie," okay? It's not that kind of book.

Stopped at Michaels for a few stocking stuffer-type things along with some tulle circles like you use for wedding favors. Every time James brushes Willow he saves the fur. I'm going to try placing some of it in the tulle circles and tying them near the bird feeders in the hope that the scent will keep the squirrels away.

For the rest of the afternoon I cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed the carpet (gawd, this takes forever; I hate this vacuum cleaner—it's like trying to drive a Mack truck and weighs nearly as much), vacuumed the stairs, swept the foyer and the downstairs hall and the kitchen and the bathrooms, sorted out the newspaper, washed and dried three loads of clothes, put most of them away, got part of my lunchbag ready, and got my clothes ready for the week.

James is for our Asian chicken salad...and a nice comfy seat!

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